Environmental Advocacy 
for the protection of
Kangaroo Island's

unique biodiversity
and our future.

Some of our recent projects of interest:
Ropers trees 14 May 2021.jpg

Gum Trees on Ropers Road

The Department for Infrastructure and Transport confirmed late Monday, May 31 the large gum trees along the Playford Highway are safe.


Flinders Chase Development

On-going committment to the protection of the bio-diversity at Flinders Chase National Park against the negative effects of the tourism industry proposals.

Parks western KI group meeting strepera.jpg

Parks of Western KI Submission

Members of Eco-Action and environmental groups across Kangaroo Island are currently working on submissions for the Parks of Western and Central Kangaroo Island Draft Management Plan 2021 which in its current form is inadequate and concerning. We encourage all our supporters to put in a submission via the your say website to ensure park management plans put conservation first. If you require support with your submission please contact kiecoaction@gmail.com

Eco-Action has been engaged in a range of ‘environmental’ activities, for nearly 30 years, including:

  • On-ground environmental works such as revegetation of cleared land and management of degraded native vegetation, wildlife habitats and ecosystems

  • Volunteer management activities in protected areas

  • Management of State and Federal environmental grants and for activities associated with on-ground works

  • Specific management activities relating to the conservation of roadside vegetation

  • Community consultation (as the key environmental NGO on Kangaroo Island) on matters of policy and strategy development – usually by State and Local Government in several areas including, development planning, tourism, environmental and natural resources management and social issues

  • KI development planning community consultation

  • Response to development proposals and applications

  • Political lobbying on environmental policy

  • Engagement in the establishment of protected areas on Kangaroo Island (including marine parks and sanctuary zones)

  • Direct action (protests) to protect the environment

  • Legal and court action

The objects and purposes of Eco-Action are to:

  • Promote the uniqueness of Kangaroo Island's ecosystems and to ensure the protection of those bio-diverse ecosystems

  • Develop in the community an understanding of ecological processes

  • Develop in the community awareness and appreciation of the natural environment, respect for that environment and an understanding of the relevance of our environment to our long-term wellbeing

  • To educate and inform the community about environmental issues

  • To develop policy, planning and legislative strategies for the long term conservation and management of Kangaroo Island's natural resources

  • To draw attention to potentially environmentally damaging activities, processes or proposals and to work to actively prevent environmentally damaging activities occurring

  • To actively encourage the rehabilitation of degraded environments and ecosystems through on-ground works programs

  • To provide a community network for information relating to environmental issues on Kangaroo Island

  • To provide a conduit for information to and from Kangaroo Island relating to environmental issues

  • To encourage individuals to make personal changes towards an environmentally sustainable lifestyle